Meet the GLI scholarship recipients who have already begun their journeys as future leaders.


Jampa Khado

GLI Scholar 2018-2019


university of rochester

Gongyal is one of our two 2018 GLI scholars. He will be attending the University of Rochester this fall. He is passionate about international politics, and hopes to become a human rights lawyer and to eventually become a political leader of the Tibetan community.

Gongyal was born in eastern Tibet and is a proud member of a formerly nomadic family. Gongyal has four brothers and sisters, whom he helped to raise after the death of his father.


university of rochester

Sichoe Tsethar is one of our two 2018 GLI scholars. She will be attending the University of Rochester this fall. She plans to study English literature and aspires to earn a PhD and become an English professor.

Sichoe was born and raised in a small refugee settlement in Odisha, in south-east India.

Sichoe hopes to make the most of the opportunity that the GLI has offered. She aspires to become a proud and prominent result of the help and dedication of my supporters and to carry on their legacy of serving the community with honesty and selflessness.


university of rochester

Tenzin Wangmo is one of two 2017 GLI scholars. She will be attending the University of Rochester this spring. She plans to study English and hopes to one day pursue a PhD in English literature. 

Tenzin walked on foot from Lhasa over the Nepal border to India  when she was just seven years old. Her parents sent her to India to be educated in an environment where she would be able to study  English and Tibetan. She loves creative writing, debate, dramas, poetry and dance competitions. She wants to become a writer some day. 


university of rochester

Dechen Dolker a 2017 GLI scholar. She will be attending the University of Rochester this fall, and has already been taking English classes in the United States as part of the GLI Scholarship program.

Dechen was raised in a humble Tibetan family living in Ladakh, India. Her mother is a language teacher who teaches Tibetan and her father is a traditional thangka painter and filmmaker. She is the eldest child with three younger brothers. She loves drawing, reading books and having adventures on her own. Her favorite subjects are biology and physics. Because of her interest in the cosmos, 


carleton college

Tenzin Kunsang won a GLI scholarship in 2015, and will matriculate at Carleton College in fall 2016. Tenzin hopes to study astrophysics and become a professor and researcher.

"I am forever grateful to the Global Leadership Incubator and the team's consistent support, guidance and personal mentorship in getting me into one of the best schools in the U.S. I look forward to the day I can do the same."

- Tenzin Kunsang, GLI Scholarship Recipient 2015

Tenzin Dawa

amherst college

Image of Tenzin Dawa

Tenzin Dawa received a GLI scholarship in 2013. She is currently studying at Amherst College. She is interested in genetics and plans to pursue a career in public health.

Tenzin grew up as a refugee in a small town in India called Bir. Like many Tibetans settled in India, Tenzin's family makes a living in the "winter business," selling sweaters seasonally during the colder months. She has three brothers, who are all married, and two sisters. 

"I could never thank the Global Leadership Incubator and Amherst college enough for this rare opportunity to study in one of the best schools in the US."

- Tenzin Dawa, GLI Scholarship Recipient 2013


bowdoin college


Tsering Dolkar is among the first GLI scholarship recipients, and is currently a student at Bowdoin College. She has expressed an early interest in education and teaching. 

Tsering grew up in a family of five in a small town in India called Rewalsar. Her parents rent rooms to college students and are in the garment business. Her favorite hobbies are reading novels and listening to music.

"I believe that education can change a person's life and a well educated person can make a true difference in this world. So, I would like to thank all these schools for giving me this huge opportunity."

-Tsering Dolkar, GLI Scholarship Recipient 2012


stanford b.s. '18

Tenzin Sangmo is a sophomore at Stanford University and also a Global Leadership Incubator Scholar. She is currently considering a path in medicine and hopes to incorporate psychology in her studies. She was born and raised in Dharamsala, India and moved to the U.S. at age 9. Sangmo is very excited about the future of Tibet, especially with programs like GLI.

Image of Tenzin Sangmo


phd candidate in physics, michigan state university

Image of Tenzin Ragba

Tenzin Rabga was born and raised in India in the hill station of Dharamsala. He studied in the Tibetan Children’s Village School at Selakui till his tenth grade. For the final two years of high school he received a scholarship through the Department of Education of the Central Tibetan Administration to study at the Mahindra United World College in the Indian city of Pune. Following which he joined Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Physics. Currently he is a PhD student in Physics at the Michigan State University studying Nuclear and Atomic Physics and does research work at the Argonne National Lab. At Argonne he uses lasers and optical techniques to manipulate atoms and study their intrinsic properties. He enjoys the research work and the learning that takes place on a daily basis as well as teaching and explaining Physics to others. He intends on doing research and staying in the academia in the long run. 


Stanford B.A. '12, Oxford m.phil. '14

Image of Tenzin Seldon

Tenzin Seldon graduated with Phi Beta Kappa, highest academic distinction in the Department of Comparative Studies at Stanford University. At Stanford, Seldon served as the Coordinator to President Obama’s Interfaith Challenge to foster and emphasize interfaith understanding among peers. She also organized numerous meaningful discussions with Chinese and Tibetan scholars on and off campus, including few notable dialogues with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

As a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford, she studied MPhil Comparative Social Policy.