The Global Leadership Incubator (GLI) provides opportunities for brilliant Tibetan students in India to study in top-notch universities in the United States.


Our Mission

Our goal is to cultivate a generation of leaders and professionals who will help their communities to grow and thrive in the decades ahead, and throughout the 21st century.

Image of Dr. Michael McCullough (left), Ana Rowena McCullough (center), and His Holiness The Dalai Lama (right) sitting during a conversation
Image of Dr. Michael McCullough (far left), Ana Rowena McCullough (left center, foreground), His Holiness the Dalai Lama (center), Sikyong (Prime Minister of Tibet) Lobsang Sangay (right), and others sitting
I understand that the Global Leadership Incubator in the USA has agreed to make its initial international project a partnership with the Central Tibetan Administration to identify, place, mentor, and train the most promising students of Tibetan and Himalayan origin. I would like to thank the Global Leadership Incubator and its founders, Ana and Michael McCullough, for this valuable support.
— His Holiness the Dalai Lama


The Global Leadership Incubator (GLI) is an international nonprofit organization created to identify, recruit, mentor, and support outstanding, high-performing scholars, young leaders, and young entrepreneurs worldwide. We begin our work with students as early as the first year of high school, and extend our support through college and into graduate school or first job.

The GLI has chosen students of Tibetan and Himalayan origin as its first group of developing leaders.  The GLI’s Tibet Himalaya Project is being created with the support and collaboration of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Central Tibetan Administration. It is designed to inspire Tibetan and Himalayan students to aim high academically, personally, and as global citizens.
Participation in the GLI is a partnership between students and the GLI network, offered to exceptional students demonstrating distinctive leadership, initiative, talent, and performance. GLI students will have access to many resources designed to bolster and enhance their college years, professional careers, and lives.

The GLI seeks to cultivate relationships with the best scholarly and academic institutions around the world, and especially in the U.S. We hope that the institutions will greatly add to their own rich diversity by including these students; and ultimately, we hope this will lead to results that will benefit the future of this important culture and region — as well as the world.
Because of their circumstances, some students who may come through the program will have obvious ability but less formal education than would make them instantly recognizable as compelling candidates. We know that some students coming to the GLI would benefit tremendously, regardless of their preparation, from additional educational enrichment before entering college. Thus, we are also looking to independent secondary schools in the U.S. to consider making a commitment to these students through the Global Leadership Incubator.

The overall goal is a partnership of support. The Global Leadership Incubator would identify prospective students for schools and colleges to consider for enrollment and appropriate, need-based financial support.  Admission decisions, of course, rest with the partner school or college. 

The GLI Tibet-Himalaya Project students will have access to career mentorship, life education, and professional networks to supplement support efforts made by secondary schools and colleges supporting their education.