Ana Rowena McCullough sits across from a Tibetan boy, mentoring him
Dr. Michael McCullough (left) and Ana Rowena McCullough (center) conversing with His Holiness the Dalai Lama (right)


Ana McCullough is the Co-Founder and Co-President of the Global Leadership Incubator. Ana currently serves as CEO, Co-Founder, and Board Chair of QuestBridge, the nation’s largest recruiter for extremely talented and low-income youth for Ivy League colleges, universities, and employers. QuestBridge now connects thousands of high-achieving, low-income students each year to 37 of the best colleges in the United States on full or nearly-full scholarships. Last year alone, QuestBridge placed 2000 talented, low-income students into partner colleges such as Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, MIT, Amherst, and 30+ more.

Ana co-founded the QuestBridge and the Quest Scholars Program with Michael McCullough while an undergraduate at Stanford. For this, she received the Dinkelspiel Award for outstanding contributions to education at Stanford.

Ana is also Co-Founder and former VP of Content at, where she worked directly with educators and academic experts to develop high-quality digital curricula for high school students, college students, and teachers. Throughout those years, Ana developed an expertise in online educational content in a wide range of academic fields, as well as online test preparation.

Ana is also a former management consultant at McKinsey & Company, where she served companies in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. In addition, she worked for five years as a consulting scientist to the Environmental Defense Fund, a national non-profit environmental organization, and served as a research associate for Stanford President Emeritus Donald Kennedy while a student at the Stanford Law School.

Ana holds a J.D. degree from Stanford Law School where she focused on environmental and youth law. Ana has been a speaker at several TEDx venues including Stanford University. In addition, she has spoken at Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Northwestern, Emory, and Stanford, including the Stanford Law School and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Ana is an Advisor to Vetlink and Service to School, an organization linking high-achieving veterans to many of America’s best colleges.